Dan Medlin – November 2015


Dan Medlin – November 2015


“My name is Dan Medlin and I have been a member since May of 2015.  I have been trying to loose weight pretty much my whole life. I had finally had enough when in January of 2014 I tipped the scales at 311 pounds. Over the next 17 months I managed to get my weight down to 267 through diet and exercise.  But my workouts were getting boring and my weight wasn’t budging anymore.  I thought perhaps my workouts could be better and yes – they could definitely be better.

I emailed The Fighting Fit in May of 2015 and inquired about cardio kickboxing. The staff let me know that the first class was free of charge and invited me to come down. That sounded good to me, but little did I know what was in store for me when I arrived.
The workout was hard. I couldn’t do sit ups so I did crunches.
Barry told everyone to wrap their feet around the bottom of the bag and do sit ups and hit the bag – So of course I did crunches (forget about hitting that bag!).  I realized real quick i just needed to get through the workout as best I could. When the workout was over I realized I was alive. I actually lived through this. So I thought this is for me and it’s a whole lot better than using machines at Planet Fitness. I am pretty sure I expended a whole lot more calories than jogging on a treadmill too.
 So in May of 2015 I joined The Fighting Fit weighing in at 267 pounds.
 The kickboxing classes are constantly varied and my body never has a chance to get use to any particular workout regimen.  The things that I have learned during class I have taken home with me. I bought kettlebells, slam balls, an olympic bar with some bumper plates, a rowing machine, a couple plyo boxes, a stand alone heavy bag and a dip station  for my home gym.  After about a month my wife noticed I was loosing weight again and she decided to start to work out with me too.  I was able to put together Crossfit routines (as best as I can) that take about 35 minutes to complete.  The workouts have made a huge difference in our health. I have lost 53 pounds since May and my wife has lost 43 pounds since June.  I can honestly say that working out at The Fighting Fit has inspired me to eat properly and has given me a new, more efficient way of exercising.”

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