Carol Dominick – March 2016


Carol Dominick – March 2016

“One day I saw a post on Facebook about a 6 week challenge to a “New You”.  I thought it was interesting and I know that I have tried everything from gym memberships, every diet, personal trainers etc.  and with a little convincing from my biggest supporter, my sister, I signed up.  Little did I know what started

 off as a test for myself to see how long until I gave up turned into a journey for life.  Not only do I find myself physically and
 mentally a changed person but I have met some great people along the way that I now consider friends.  I have lost pounds and inches and more importantly have more energy and feel much stronger.  I have come a long way; I started out as one of Todd’s most difficult students with many questions and comments like, “Oh I know I can’t do that”  or “That is for the younger girls”.  But now I feel if I set my mind to something and continue to try that I can do anything that I want.
I have made a great friend in Jaimie; she is there the minute I walk in the door with a smile.   She has come out on the floor 

and helped me many times to show me proper techniques.  She is always so encouraging.  As far as the ladies that I started this journey with we are still going strong.  I appreciate the encouragement and enjoy the friendships that I have made.  We have become like a family and really genuinely care about each other and our success.  Finally there is Barry and the other trainers who have helped me tremendously learn to be better at all the workouts.  You will never know how much I look forward to coming to class and being tested by you special individuals.  I am a changed person because of this gym and the people associated with it.  I will be forever grateful to you all!”


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