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Get Fighting Fit with our Cardio Kickboxing class

The cardio kickboxing classes at The Fighting Fit are unrivaled in both intensity and results, while still adaptable for people of all fitness levels. These workouts consist of several rounds of striking combinations (basic punches and kicks on a heavy bag) mixed with common exercises.

Combining traditional kickboxing with heavy bag work, muscle conditioning and intermittent bursts of exertion creates an efficient workout with maximum results. This is referred to as HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. Cardio kickboxing will jump start your metabolism and break through your weight loss plateaus.

You are not a gerbil

Let’s face it, most people have a gym membership of one sort or another, do they use them? NO. Why not?

  • You are not a gerbil. A treadmill is boring.
  • No one pushes you or helps motivate you when you don’t show up.
  • Little or no results
  • Intimidating equipment
  • Same workout EVERY TIME – You are not a gerbil.
 At The Fighting Fit we strive to keep classes exciting. We teach our students correct form while giving them individual attention whenever possible.

The Fighting Fit difference

In addition to the regular cardio kickboxing, The Fighting Fit offers classes that combine both cross training and kickboxing. These classes combine the standard cardio kickboxing workout with kettlebell exercises for even more strengthening and toning, providing an intense aerobic and anaerobic workout.

Combined with kettlebell and resistance band training, kickboxing can yield some of the best fitness and weight loss results possible. It tones, shapes, cuts and defines, building strength and a killer core.

You are a person, not a number (or a gerbil)

We know that every student is different and must be treated as an individual. In order to do that we change up schedules, take out old classes and bring in new and exciting ones designed to challenge people of all ages and fitness levels.

We challenge you to break the mold and train harder than ever before.

Ready to get started?

Proper form is not about looking good

Proper form is highly important in all levels of exercise.

When you exercise with correct form, you will not only maximize the positive effects of your training, but you will also reduce the risk of injury. Using incorrect form is the leading cause of injury at any level of exercise. From simple routines to heavy weight lifting, being aware of and maintaining proper form will help avoid injury and better achieve your fitness goals.

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